Relax and Settle In Today

Every company has visitors that they need to provide housing for and you want to find something that lets your visitors know that they are important to you and the company as well as being cost effective for your company. You do not desire to rent‚ furnish and upkeep an apartment for these visitors nor do you want to put them in a stuffy and impersonal hotel. Let ExecSuite take care of the furnishing and maintenance in Calgary furnished suites.

For over three decades‚ ExecSuite has been the industry leader for Calgary furnished suites. We have Calgary furnished suites to fit your need. With several wonderful locations near to downtown‚ ExecSuite is confident that we will have what you are looking for. We have many floor plans to choose from as well as flexibility in how long you rent them. Some of our Calgary furnished suites are available on a weekly basis‚ some are monthly and we have a couple of Calgary furnished suites properties that are available for 3 month leases. You would have the flexibility to rent for an unlimited time depending on your needs. Browse through our properties to see which Calgary furnished suites best meets your needs and the needs of your visitor. If this is inconvenient‚ just call us at 1-800-667-4980 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

What can you expect when renting Calgary furnished suites? You will enjoy the confidence that you will have when sending your visitors to an immaculate‚ modern and secure accommodation by ExecSuite. All that your visitor will need to bring is their suitcase and probably their laptop. Everything will be provided for your visitor. They will enjoy a kitchen that is equipped with all of the essentials so that you visitor can enjoy anything from a cup of coffee to a nice meal. Some of our Calgary furnished suites have a nice desk if your visitor will be working from there instead of your office. Your visitor will appreciate the spaciousness and comfort in which they will be staying. Our concierge staff is committed to meeting the needs of your visitor‚ whether it is sending a fax‚ finding transportation‚ completing a grocery order or finding any additional kitchen supplies. Your visitor is as important to us and they are to you.

Call us at 1-800-667-4980‚ email us or fill out our reservation form and a representative will promptly get back with you to finalize your reservation. We are committed to providing the best service and we would like to exceed the expectations of you and your visitor.

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